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What is IAAT?

It's All About Things©, "IAAT"-is a project that studies the human interaction with "things". This project works as a corporation made up of many concept branches where each branch is a seperate artwork. IAAT branches include Barter Days, 2-D (drawings, paintings, and photos), 3-D (sculptures and installations), Education, theminimuseum, Collaberations, Public Interventions, Curating, and Architectural Concepts. From the website to the wrapping of the objects, all details are considered to be part of the IAAT body of work.


IAAT was founded by Luis R. Maldonado, Jr. during the spring of 2004. Early on in life, Luis developed an interest in the collection of things both on an individual and global scale. During his education while developing several art concepts, Luis felt rather than being labeled as a "painter" or "sculptor"that he had more freedom to explore the field of things by working with several mediums.


IAAT has a location in Port Chester, NY that is open to the public for free. Please contact Luis to arrange a tour.

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